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Find Data with ASF Vertex and API Search

The ASF DAAC offers two ways for you to search and download data: through the ASF Vertex application and through the ASF Search API.  In either case, it will require you to create a free Earthdata Login account first at the Earthdata website to be able to download the data.  The credentials will provide you access to the Vertex Search and API download functionality, which will allow you to download data as a single download or a batch download. 

Have questions or need directions on how to get started?  See the links to the tutorial and other information below, including helpful videos and Getting Started information for both ASF Vertex and API Search. 

ASF Search Engine - Vertex.

Vertex Search Interface Screenshot

Get started with ASF Vertex

Watch this helpful tutorial about downloading data as it provides an overview of downloading data in Vertex and expands your skills even more with our complete list of Vertex Data Search tutorials.

All ASF Vertex tutorials

ASF Search API

Search API Screenshot

Get started with the ASF search API

Building a Search API query consists of 3 basic steps and starts by using the Search API base URL: and continues to pick an endpoint. All available endpoints are listed in the Keywords documentation, and the Search endpoint uses this base URL: For help in making the search efficient, you can read this article on how to build your query using keywords. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us

After your query is built

The completed URL will be in the following format:,value3&keyword3=value4-6

As a result, once your query is built, you may execute it by copy/pasting it into a browser window or a command line interface or by using a program. 

Additional resources

More details on various options and some syntax tips can be found in the Search API Tools documentation.