Alaska Satellite Facility - Distributed Active Archive Center

Sentinel-1 Interferograms – Get Interferograms

Register for an Earthdata Login Account

A NASA EOSDIS Earthdata Login account is required for downloading data from the Alaska Satellite Facility. Visit the Register for an Earthdata Login Profile page to create an account.

Get Interferograms via Vertex

Sentinel-1 Interferogram (BETA) products can be browsed in Vertex from the “Missions” tab under “Beta Products”.  

Bulk downloads via python script or metalink files are not supported for Sentinel-1 Interferogram (BETA) products.

Get Interferograms via Earthdata Search

Sentinel-1 Interferogram (BETA) products can be located in Earthdata Search by entering “sentinel-1_insar” in the search bar. For more information, visit the How to Search using Earthdata Search documentation.

Get Interferograms from Long-Term Storage

Sentinel-1 Interferogram (BETA) products older than 60 days may be transitioned to long-term storage. Users attempting to access these files will see a brief delay while they are retrieved and made available for download. This usually takes a few minutes, but can take several hours when requesting large numbers of files. Users can choose to be emailed when all of the files they have requested are available for download.