DOI (Digital Object Identifier) 10.5067/JQHSWB5Y45AY

DOI (Digital Object Identifier) 10.5067/JQHSWB5Y45AY

The Eulerian products were created in a project conducted by Ron Kwok of JPL using the SAR imagery from the Envisat to produce high-resolution data of small-scale sea ice kinematics and deformation.

Short NameEnvisatEul
Spatial CoverageArctic and Southern Oceans
Spatial ResolutionRADARSAT-1: 8 m (Fine Mode), 30 m (Standard Mode), 50-100 m (ScanSAR Mode); EnviSAT: 1200 m (Reduced Resolution), 300 m (Full Resolution)
Temporal CoverageRADARSAT-1: 1995-2013; EnviSAT: 2008-2012
Temporal ResolutionRADARSAT-1: 3 days (Arctic), 24 days (global); EnviSAT: 35 days


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