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DOI (Digital Object Identifier) 10.5067/JBYK3J6HFSVF

These two images are part of the Grand Canyon and are processed from the same PALSAR data. The image on the left is uncorrected. The image on the right is terrain-corrected. In the uncorrected image, the sides of the canyon appear to be stretched on one side and compressed on the other side. Click to enlarge. ASF DAAC 2014; Includes Material © JAXA/METI 2008.

ALOS PALSAR data is processed to L1.1 using the JAXA processor, then radiometrically terrain-corrected using GAMMA commercial software. Products are offered in FBS, FBD, and PLR beam modes. Low-resolution (30 m) products are produced in all land areas, with some exceptions.

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Short NamePALSAR_RTC_lo
Spatial Coverage(60.0 N to -59.0 S; 180.0 E to -180.0 W) Excludes Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland and northern Eurasia.
Spatial Resolution30 m
Temporal Coverage2006-2011
Temporal Resolution46 days

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Dataset ASF DAAC [year created], ALOS PALSAR_Radiometric_Terrain_Corrected_low_res; Includes Material ©JAXA/METI [year of data acquisition]. Accessed through ASF DAAC [day/month/year of data access]. DOI: 10.5067/JBYK3J6HFSVF

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ASF DAAC [year created]; Includes Material ©JAXA/METI [year of data acquisition].

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Complete DEM coverage is required for processing to proceed. GAMMA software handles differences in pixel-as-point vs pixel-as-area, and produces a uniform output.

DEMsArea CoveredPostingDatum
2 Arc Sec NEDAlaska60 meterNAVD88
STRM GL360 N to 57 S Latitude90 meterEGM96

For more information, see PALSAR RTC page.

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