Alaska Satellite Facility - Distributed Active Archive Center

Get an Account. Find Data.

Step 1: Get an Earthdata Login Account

A NASA Earthdata Login account is required for downloading data and tools from ASF. Registering for an account is free and may be done at the Earthdata Login registration site link below.

Please note that the registration and EULA agreement process must be completed in English.

Step 2: Find Data

An Earthdata Login username and password are required to download ASF data using Vertex Data Search and ASF Search API, or to download ASF Tools and Derived Datasets from the website.

    • All of the datasets and tools at ASF are free, and most are available to download without restriction.
    • Only the JERS-1 and RADARSAT-1 datasets are restricted. Access to these data requires the submission of a data access request form.

Data Search Tools

  • Vertex Data Search is an easy-to-use, yet powerful interface for searching the ASF data archive. Search areas can be created by drawing on a map, entering coordinates, or importing a geospatial file. Searches can be done on a list of file names or by campaign. Filters can be applied to refine a search. And search results can be downloaded individually or in bulk.
Screenshot of Vertex interface.
  • ASF Search API is a programmatic method of searching the ASF data archive from a browser window or command line interface. Search results can be saved and downloaded using Wget, cURL, or aria2.
Screenshot of cammand line interface of the ASF Search API.
  • NASA Earthdata Search is a search interface that provides the ability to search all NASA Earth observation data holdings.
Image of the NASA Earthdata search interface.