Alaska Satellite Facility

ASF home graphic dish with satellite above and aurora in the sky

ASF Services – On Demand Processing

At ASF, one of our goals is to provide assistance with SAR analysis, application, and teaching by developing cloud-based processing services and tools for single or multiple users.  Explore the services we offer below and get started using Sentinel-1 SAR data from ASF today!

Data Analysis and Application

ASF On Demand Processing

A free, easy-to-use service that provides cloud-based radiometric terrain correction (RTC) and interferometric SAR (InSAR) processing of Sentinel-1 data

  • On Demand processing utilizes the powerful search capability of Vertex to directly order data for RTC and InSAR processing without leaving the Vertex application
  • The On Demand REST API and SDK make RTC and InSAR processing available programmatically