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A recent NASA webinar demonstrates new and improved features of ASF's search and download portal.

Hurricane Dorian Story Map

View a timeline showing images captured by the Sentinel-1 satellites of Hurricane Dorian as it moved through the Caribbean and up the east coast of the U.S.

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FEB 2020 - Nettie La Belle-Hamer

Dr. Nettie La Belle-Hamer

As Director of ASF, Dr. Nettie La Belle-Hamer’s mission is to support and mentor her team of driven professionals as leaders in remote sensing and data accessibility. She applies her research background in space physics to guide the facility as it provides high-quality data to meet the evolving needs of its users. Dr. La Belle-Hamer has been a part of ASF for 19 years and was appointed Director in 2002. She is also Deputy Director of the Geophysical Institute, where she works to develop and expand the capabilities of both organizations.