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OpenScienceLab and OpenSARLab

ASF’s OpenScienceLab is an ecosystem of open-source tools for data analysis. At the heart of OpenScienceLab is OpenSARLab, which opens a door to the world of SAR processing in the cloud via a JupyterLab environment. It is easy to launch in any web browser for algorithm development and interactive data exploration.

ASF Scientist instructing students in a classroom setting
OpenScienceLab is ideal in a class setting, where student computing resources may be limited

OpenSARLab provides:

  • Free limited access to a cloud-hosted JupyterHub
  • Free fast data transfer to users’ storage from ASF AWS archives
  • Identical, fully configured, persistent computing software and hardware environments that can be shared by multiple users
  • An open library of data recipes
  • Utilizes JupyterHub in Amazon AWS and a JupyterLab development environment, with authenticated accounts and persistent storage
  • Ideal for scientific collaboration requiring
      • Large datasets
      • Complicated development environments
      • Repeatability
  • Custom OSL deployments for research teams and classes
      • Deployments are tailored to your use-case and offer the exact computational resources required to prevent unnecessary AWS costs
  • Ideal in a class setting, where student computing resources may be limited
  • Learn more about accessing and using OpenSARLab in the User Guide

The OSL Workflow at ASF


Order On-Demand Level 2 Products From HyP3 on Vertex


Download HyP3 Products Into OpenSARLab


Analyze Data and Develop New Algorithms In Jupyter Notebooks


Share Reproducible Results Easily With Colleagues
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