DOI (Digital Object Identifier) 10.5067/LZ2D3Z6BW3GH

Washington-Oregon coast: digitally processed in 2013 Acquisition date: August 10, 1978 Processing organization: ASF NASA/JPL

DOI (Digital Object Identifier) 10.5067/LZ2D3Z6BW3GH

Seasat data were originally available on 39-track raw data tapes. The tapes were transcribed twice before ASF processed the Seasat products. Seasat L1 data are processed images and amplitude.

Short NameSEAL1
Spatial CoverageMost of North America and some of Western Europe
Spatial Resolution25 m
Temporal Coverage27 June 1978 – 10 Oct. 1978
Temporal Resolution17 days (28 June – 8 Sept.), 3 days (8 Sept. – 10 Oct.)
FormatHDF5, GeoTIFF

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Seasat data 1978 (NASA). Processed by ASF DAAC 2013. Retrieved from ASF DAAC [day/month/year of data access]. DOI: 10.5067/LZ2D3Z6BW3GH


Credit: NASA 1978, processed by ASF DAAC 2013.