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Sentinel-1 data file size increases

A result of the transition made by ESA to its new Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem is that Sentinel-1 data files are no longer compressed. Therefore, all Sentinel-1 data files available from ASF since September 26, 2023, are larger by as much as 60%. The effect of this is that some files will take longer to download than you have come to expect. And, depending on the quality of your internet connection, this may result in incomplete file transfers if the download connection times out before the transfer is complete. If you suspect that this may have occurred, please try the download again.

ESA is aware of this issue and hopes to have a solution by the end of this year. In the meantime, ASF is exploring options we can implement until this permanent solution is in place.

We will update this announcement as additional information becomes available. For questions, contact ASF User Support at [email protected]

17 October 2023

Update 23 October 2023
Some users are reporting that Sentinel-1 data available through the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem (and therefore from ASF) are no longer compatible with the Sentinel-1 Toolbox (SNAP).

Update 24 October 2023
From ESA in the Copernicus Community Forum:
“In the last month we have detected some incidents that did not occur before:
1) The size of the images in .zip format has doubled.
2) SNAP does not show swath 3 data when trying to open from the zip file. However, if the zip file is previously unzipped, the swath 3 data does exist and can be manually loaded into SNAP”

Sentinel-1 InSAR Storymap Earthquake Qinghai, China

Sentinel-1 InSAR StoryMap

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Icon of asf_search, a new python module available through PyPI and Conda

Python search library now available

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Blue satellite dish antenna that sits atop the Elvey Building at the University of Alaska Fairbanks

ASF Celebrates 30 Years of Operations

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Dr. Bowman

Dr. Steve Bowman is profiled on the NASA Earthdata website

Dr. Bowman is the Geologic Hazards Program Manager with the Utah Geological Survey and member of the ASF DAAC User ...
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Vertex Screenshot Image

On Demand Sentinel-1 GAMMA InSAR and RTC Products Now Available in Vertex

Watch the video on how to download and use this new dataset.
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