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ALOS-2 PALSAR-2 data available over the Turkey/Syria earthquake region

ALOS-2 PALSAR-2 ScanSAR L1.1 (SLC, full-aperture focusing) products acquired over the area of the recent Turkey/Syria earthquakes are now freely available from JAXA. Level 2.2 ScanSAR products are also available to download.

JAXA is providing these data through their G-Portal search and download application, through Google Earth Engine, and through the AWS Open Repository (direct S3 bucket access located in the US-WEST-2 region).

Please view the recent announcement from JAXA for details on accessing these products.

On Demand Sentinel-1 RTC is now available at 10-m pixel spacing and in dB scale!

The Alaska Satellite Facility (ASF) has released new processing options for On Demand Sentinel-1 Radiometric Terrain Correction (RTC). RTC products can now be …

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Sentinel-1 Satellite

Sentinel-1B satellite mission ends

The European Space Agency announced today that efforts to repair the failed C-band SAR sensor onboard the Sentinel-1B satellite have …

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Heat Map of Interferometric coherence of SAR Data in Ascending Orbit

ASF Science Friday series continues August 26

Monthly Lecture ASF is playing an increasing role in support of NASA’s Earth Science mission. A monthly lecture series features …

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