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NASA and the Canadian Space Agency announce that RADARSAT-1 data are Open Data at ASF

The Canadian Space Agency and NASA have announced that all RADARSAT-1 data archived at the Alaska Satellite Facility Distributed Active Archive Center are now open data and can be freely downloaded.

Anyone who has registered with the NASA Earthdata login system and agreed to the ASF End User License Agreement can now download RADARSAT-1 data from the ASF DAAC.

The CSA RADARSAT-1 satellite was launched in 1995 from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Ground support for the mission was provided by NASA through its ASF and McMurdo, Antarctica, tracking facilities. Through an agreement between CSA and the U.S. government, synthetic aperture radar data acquired by RADARSAT-1 and downlinked at the NASA ground stations were processed and archived at ASF. The satellite mission ended in 2013.

Protecting the environment and monitoring global change is a priority of the Canadian space program, and RADARSAT-1 was the flagship of this effort.

Because of its wide range of observation modes and frequency of repeat-pass observations, RADARSAT-1 proved invaluable for monitoring sea ice and terrestrial ice sheets for climate research and for identifying and mapping land features and assessing changes over time. Data from the satellite were used to compile the first complete, high-resolution map of Antarctica. Mosaics from this dataset are available to download from the ASF DAAC.

CSA and NASA have cooperated since the beginning of the satellite mission to distribute processed synthetic aperture radar data through ASF, primarily to U.S. Earth science researchers. The recent agreement between CSA and NASA now makes these data freely available to the global research community.

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jaxa mosaic

Global SAR Mosaic Datasets Available from JAXA

Explore the Earth like never before with Global Mosaics and Maps created from data acquired by the JERS-1 (1992-98), ALOS
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The ASF antennas atop the Geophysical Institute and in the woods on the West Ridge of the UAF campus.

ASF Receives New NASA Contract Award

The Alaska Satellite Facility was recently awarded NASA’s Earth Radar Data Operations Management contract for another 5 years. The continued
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screenshot of vertex in spanish

ASF Vertex Data Search is now available in Spanish!

In response to many requests from our users, the powerful Vertex search application is now available in a Spanish version.
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ASF OpenScienceLab featured this month

The NASA Earthdata website currently highlights OpenSciecneLab (OSL) in its Data Tool in Focus section. OSL is an ASF service
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ARIA GUNW interferogram

JPL uses data from ASF for the ARIA Project

The JPL/CalTech ARIA Project utilizes SAR data and GPS for detecting and measuring ground deformation and creating predictive models. Cloud-based
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gun-w interferogram over turkey

ALOS-2 PALSAR-2 data available over the Turkey/Syria earthquake region

ALOS-2 PALSAR-2 ScanSAR L1.1 (SLC, full-aperture focusing) products acquired over the area of the recent Turkey/Syria earthquakes are now freely available
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On Demand Sentinel-1 RTC is now available at 10-m pixel spacing and in dB scale!

The Alaska Satellite Facility (ASF) has released new processing options for On Demand Sentinel-1 Radiometric Terrain Correction (RTC). RTC products can now be
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Sentinel-1 Satellite

Sentinel-1B satellite mission ends

The European Space Agency announced today that efforts to repair the failed C-band SAR sensor onboard the Sentinel-1B satellite have
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Heat Map of Interferometric coherence of SAR Data in Ascending Orbit

ASF Science Friday series continues August 26

Monthly Lecture ASF is playing an increasing role in support of NASA’s Earth Science mission. A monthly lecture series features
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Opera workshop aerial image of meandering river

NASA schedules second OPERA workshop

NASA and JPL will host a second OPERA project workshop on September 2, 2022. Participation is available in-person or virtually.
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Image from Sentinel-1 reveal changes in the Earth's surface over one year

Sentinel-1 images reveal changes in the Earth’s surface over one year

A new set of satellite radar derived images provide a novel view of the face of Earth in unprecedented detail,
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Sentinel-1 InSAR Storymap Earthquake Qinghai, China

Sentinel-1 InSAR StoryMap

In honor of National GIS Day 2021, ASF published a StoryMap exploring the ASF Sentinel-1 On Demand InSAR products. The
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