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Below is a collection of headlines, notices, and archived newsletters from the Alaska Satellite Facility’s News & Notes. View the latest newsletters below, and for training notices click here.

Thruster anomaly affects Sentinel-1 orbit control

An anomaly in a thruster used for Sentinel-1 orbit positioning control has resulted in the “orbit tube” diameter increasing from 100 meters to 200 meters maximum. The effect of this action on interferometric baselines has been predicted:

“The preliminary conclusion, supported by InSAR experts, is that the perpendicular baseline, a key InSAR performance indicator, will remain within acceptable limits. Burst synchronization at data-take start is not expected to be impacted, and degradation within data-take and as well as reduction of spectral overlap due to crossing orbits are expected to be limited.”

Detailed information is available from ESA:

ASF 25th-Anniversary Celebration

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2006 Anniversary Edition – Message from the ASF Director

10-meter antenna construction underway – Photographed by Jim Coccia Nettie La Belle-Hamer – Director, ASF What is now the Alaska ...
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2006 Anniversary Edition – Global Forest Mapping with JERS-1 SAR

The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA; formerly known as NASDA) successfully launched the Japanese Earth Resources Satellite (JERS-1, nicknamed FUYO) in late 1992 into a ...
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2006 Anniversary Edition – Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar: Building Tomorrow’s Tools Today

A synthetic aperture radar (SAR) system transmits electromagnetic (EM) waves at a wavelength that can range from a few millimeters to tens of centimeters. The ...
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2006 Anniversary Edition – ALASKA SAR FACILITY: In the Beginning

A site for the ASF had to be found and the obvious choice was to locate it in the Elvey Building, the home of the ...
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2006 Anniversary Edition – A Brief History of the RADARSAT-1 Antarctic Mapping Project

The RADARSAT-1 Antarctic Mapping Project (RAMP) was conceived in the early 1980’s by Stan Wilson, Bob Thomas, and Bill Townsend. The idea developed as part ...
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2006 Anniversary Edition – Sea Ice Motion: Science Driving U.S. SAR Research

The ability to derive quantitative estimates of fine-scale ice motion and deformation from pairs of Seasat SAR images provided the primary scientific basis for implementing ...
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Northwest Passage sea ice contrasts with the coast of Baffin Island, Canada, in this ALOS-PALSAR image taken 8 March 2011. © JAXA, METI 2011

2006 Anniversary Edition – From Airborne to Spaceborne: Reflections on the Alaska Satellite Facility by a User

The first radar images that I ever saw were those in a publication that is, or should be, familiar to anyone associated with ASF - ...
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