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    AIRSAR Technical Specs


    Dataset PropertyP-BandL-BandC-Band
    Temporal Coverage1988-20041988-20041988-2004
    Spatial CoverageWorldwide mission-specific sitesWorldwide mission-specific sitesWorldwide mission-specific sites
    Frequency/Wavelength0.45 GHz/67 cm1.26 GHz/23 cm5.31 GHz/5.7 cm
    Range Resolution7.5 m3.75 m1.875 m
    Swath Width10 km10 km10 km
    Off-Nadir Angle20-60°20-60°20-60°
    File FormatAIRSAR (proprietary), JPGAIRSAR (proprietary), JPGAIRSAR (proprietary), JPG
    Download InformationData DiscoveryData DiscoveryData Discovery
    Date Published1988-20041988-20041988-2004

    Coverage Maps


    AIRSAR 3FP Coverage Map

    AIRSAR 3FP Coverage Map

    AIRSAR DEM Coverage Map

    AIRSAR DEM Coverage Map

    Data Formats and Files

    AIRSAR TOPSAR data formats and files


    FormatProduct NameProduct FilesOpen-source ToolsCan Be Used For
    AIRSARC-band DEM and Compressed Stokes Matrixc.corgr, c.demi2, c.vvi2MapReady, PolSARproPolarimetry
    AIRSARL-band Compressed Stokes Matrixl.datgrMapReady, PolSARproPolarimetry
    AIRSARP-band Compressed Stokes Matrixp.datgrPolSARproPolarimetry


    AIRSAR PolSAR – AIRSAR ATI (Experimental) data formats and files


    FormatProduct NameProduct FilesProcessing LevelOpen-source ToolsCan Be Used For
    AIRSAR3-Frequency Polarimetryc.dat, l.dat, p.datCompressed stokes matrixMapReady, PolSARproPolarimetry
    JPGAlong-Track Interferometry*intf*, *uwScc*, *az*, *uwWrp*, *uwWcc*, *uwWrp, *par, *pppSLC, MLCN/AOcean current velocity measurement

    AIRSAR Dataset and DOI