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ARIA Sentinel-1 Geocoded Unwrapped Interferograms

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    Command Line Tools

    There are several ways to search for, download, and process ARIA S1 GUNW interferograms for users comfortable working at the command line.

    Search, download, and post-process ARIA S1-GUNW Interferograms using ARIA-tools


    Command Line ToolsARIA-tools is an open-source package in Python which contains tools to manipulate ARIA standard InSAR products. The ARIA-tools package includes functionality to crop/merge data and meta-data layers for multiple standard products, extraction of data and meta-data layers from these products, and the set-up and the preparation for time-series. ARIA-tools has Jupyter notebook examples with online records taught at UNAVCO.

    Time-series processing is not supported in ARIA-tools. However, outputs are compatible with third-party time-series InSAR packages such as the Miami InSAR Time-series in Python (MintPy) open-source software.

    Search and download ARIA S1-GUNW Interferograms using the ASF Search API


    ARIA S1 GUNW Interferogram products are searchable using the ASF Search API. The API User Guide describes how to create searches and download the results.

    S1-GUNW products can be searched using these values for the processingLevel keyword:

    • GUNW_STD — Standard Product, NetCDF
    • GUNW_AMP — Amplitude, GeoTIFF
    • GUNW_COH — Coherence, GeoTIFF
    • GUNW_CON — Connected Components, GeoTIFF
    • GUNW_UNW — Unwrapped Phase, GeoTIFF

    For example, this search returns a list of “Standard Product, NetCDF” products over Pasadena, CA since Jan 1, 2018:

    To download:
    In the above example, using the keyword and value output=download will create a Python script that can be run to download the product files found in the search.

    Download S1-GUNW Interferograms via cURL and Wget


    The download URL for each product can be extracted from search results and downloaded via command-line tools like cURL and Wget. Visit: How To Access Data With cURL and Wget for instructions on downloading products, including how to provide your Earthdata Login credentials via a .netrc file.