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    JERS 1 Coverage Map

    JERS-1 Coverage Map


    The JERS-1 (Japanese Earth Resources Satellite) SAR is a high-resolution, all-weather imaging radar. Its primary objective was gathering data on global land masses while conducting observation for land surveys, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, environmental protection, disaster prevention, and coastal surveillance.


    JERS-1 was launched by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), aboard a Japanese H-1 launcher, to provide global and repetitive observations of the environment using techniques that allow imaging to take place in all weather conditions.


    The JERS-1 Global Forest Mapping Program mapped important forests of the world: Southeast Asia, Africa, Central America, South America (Amazon Basin), and Boreal North America. ASF distributes the Amazon and Boreal forest SAR mosaics.

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