Alaska Satellite Facility - Distributed Active Archive Center

Data Tools

Tools developed at ASF specifically to aid in working with SAR data

GIS Tools

ASF ArcGIS Toolbox Download Toolbox Zip File The ASF_Tools ArcGIS Python Toolbox can be used with either ArcGIS Desktop or ArcGIS Pro, and contains tools

ASF MapReady

Terrain-correct, geocode, and apply polarimetric decompositions to multi-pol SAR data The MapReady Remote Sensing Tool Kit allows users to process SAR data from various missions,

RTC Stack Processor

The radiometric terrain correction (RTC) stack processor tool facilitates time-series analysis of such phenomena as flooding events, deforestation, or glacier retreat. This tool creates a

Convert to Vector

Transform point or scene information to formats compatible with Google Earth, GIS, and more Convert to Vector is a small program made to transform point

ASF Software License Agreement

Copyright © 2022, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Alaska Satellite Facility. All rights reserved. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification,

Third-Party Software Tools

Free/Open-Source Tools ERDAS ER Viewer — The ERDAS ER Viewer is an easy-to-use image viewer featuring interactive roaming and zooming with very large JPEG 2000 and

ASF Bulk Data Download Options

Vertex Download Download granules from your Vertex queue using a preloaded Python script Download Instructions Python Script with File Download granules using a Python script