Alaska Satellite Facility - Distributed Active Archive Center

ARSET – SAR for Detecting and Monitoring Floods, Sea Ice, and Subsidence from Groundwater Extraction

2019 flooding on the mississippi river

A follow-on to the SAR training held in October 2022, which covered the detection and monitoring of oil spills, landslides, and floods. This training will focus on using time-series SAR data to monitor the increase and recession of flood waters. The training will also cover two new application areas: the use of InSAR to measure subsidence due to groundwater extraction, and for detecting and monitoring sea ice.

Dates: October 24 and 31, November 1, 2023
Time: 11:00 – 13:00 Eastern Daylight Time (UTC -4)
Location: Online
Level: Advanced

The training will be available in Spanish

For more information, visit the ARSET course announcement