Deformation in the Carlsbad, New Mexico, region is revealed in this Sentinel-1 InSAR beta image. Created through the collaborative Getting Ready for NISAR project with JPL, this image is one of many available through either ASF DAAC’s Vertex or NASA’s Earthdata Search. See the full article for more about the project, available products, and how to offer feedback. Image credit: ASF DAAC & JPL 2017, contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data 2017.

Sentinel-1 – Interferograms

Sentinel-1 Interferogram (BETA) products are prototype Level 2 interferometric products produced as part of the Getting Ready for NISAR (GRFN) project using the ARIA Science Data System under development for the NISAR mission. The creation, discovery, and distribution of these products is to inform the NISAR mission team of possible cloud-based processing and data-management solutions. As such, these prototype products are not part of the ASF long-term archive, and may become unavailable at any time as new SAR interferometric processing and delivery methods are explored.

Sentinel-1 Interferogram (BETA) products are divided into three collections:

  1. All interferometric products
  2. Full-resolution wrapped interferogram and DEM
  3. Unwrapped interferogram and coherence map

These collections are over defined areas of interest which are currently Unimak Island, Alaska; Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii; San Andreas Fault, California; Cedar City, Utah; and Carlsbad, New Mexico and are updated daily. 

Products were processed using Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s (JPL’s) ARIA Science Data System under development for the NISAR mission, using the InSAR Scientific Computing Environment (ISCE) software package.