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Glacier Power – Teacher Answer Key Exercises Answers

Exercises - Teacher's Guide

Where Have Glaciers Been?

Answers: Connect the Related Words

U-Shaped Valley
V-Shaped Valley
Grand Canyon

Glacier Anatomy

Answers: Matching

accumulation zone – B
ablation zone – D
tributary – A
moraine – C
terminus – E

Strange Glacial Phenomena

Answers: Crossword Puzzle

Down Across
1. Jokulhlaups 1. moulins
2. ice sizzle 2. fossils
3. ice worms

What are Crevasses?

Answers: Word Scramble – Types of Crevasses

  1. bergschrund
  2. radial
  3. transverse
  4. longitudinal

Glacier Danger and Safety

Answers : Dress Your Friend for His/Her Hiking Adventure

The right items are:

experienced traveler

How Do Glaciers Form?

Answers: Circle the Facts

1. Firn: A, C, D
2. Snowflake(s): A, C, D
3. Snow on a glacier: B, C

How Do Glaciers Move?

Answers: Connect the Words with Definitions


Answers: Circle the Calving Glacier

A, C, D

Why is Glacier Ice Blue?

Answers: Blue Ice

1. A, C

2. How is glacier ice different from the ice in your freezer?

It is compacted

Its structure is different

It’s not frozen water or snow

It contains dirt, gravel, and even organic matter

Its air bubbles are pressurized

Why Do Scientists Study Glaciers?

Answers: Why Study?

A, B, D, F

Answer: Why or when might the Earth undergo global warming?

If human influence causes the greenhouse effect, that may delay the natural planetary cycle of ice ages and cause a period of global warming.

Answers: Glacier Study: True or False

A. True
B. False
C. True
D. False
E. False

Answer: Why, for the first time, were scientists able to make regular repeated measurements of the surge of Bering Glacier by using SAR satellite imagery?

Because Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) can “see” through clouds and darkness which usually obscure the Alaskan coastal mountains.