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Sea Ice MEaSUREs

The sea-ice imagery and data products available through the ASF DAAC are supported under NASA’s Making Earth System data records for Use in Research Environments (MEaSUREs) program.

Sea Ice MEaSUREs – About

Sea Ice: Central Player in a Dynamic System Sea ice is the central player in a dynamic system that affects the planet’s oceans and climate. Sea ice is also a

Sea Ice MEaSUREs – Data Products

Now GIS Compatible! The sea-ice data available below draw on more than 11 years of nearly uninterrupted, three-day radar snapshots of sea ice from the RADARSAT-1 satellite (1995-2012) or four years of Envisat

Sea Ice MEaSUREs – How to Cite

Citing Sea Ice MEaSUREs Datasets Cite datasets in publications such as journal papers, articles, presentations, posters, and websites. Each Sea Ice MEaSUREs dataset has an assigned DOI. Please send copies of, or

Sea Ice MEaSUREs — Documents and Tools

Documents MEaSUREs Lagrangian and Eulerian Sea Ice Products: Product format specifications MEaSUREs Gridded Sea Ice Products: Product format specifications RADARSAT Geophysical Processor System Data User’s Handbook: Describes the background, procedures, and content of